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6 Bucket Rack Kit
6 Bucket Rack Kit 3 Bucket Rack Kit 9 Bucket Rack Kit

6 Bucket Rack Kit

The wall mounted bucket rack is used as an accessory to the Monkey Bar Storage System. You can use it to organize your contractor supplies, animal feed, and full buckets of every kind. The bucket rack can be custom mounted at any location in the garage, even between brackets under a Monkey Bar shelf system.
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  • The Monkey Bar Bucket Rack holds any 5 Gallon and 3 Gallon Buckets.
  • The Bucket Rack is made of industrial steel and is finished with an industrial Powder Coating.
  • The Bucket Rack will support 50 to 75 lbs per bucket.
  • The Bucket Rack can be mounted in garages, toy haulers, horse trailers, utility trailers, sheds barns and any other place you can imagine. BUCKETS NOT INCLUDED


Monkey Bar systems are backed by a lifetime warranty.