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4' X 8' Overhead Storage

The most important feature of the Strong Racks product is that it has the highest weight Capacity (750 pounds!) of any ceiling mounted rack on the market. Why? Four Joist Mounting - Competitive products use only two joists. Strong Racks uses 4 joists to distribute the weight. You can add the wall mounting feature to increase the weight capacity to 1000 pounds. Strong Racks has the highest weight capacity rating of any Ceiling Mounted Storage Rack.

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The 4' X 8' Strong Racks are constructed from 10 Gauge Steel (The lower the number of gauge the thicker the steel.) No other ceiling mounted rack on the market is constructed from as heavy a gauge of steel. Strong Racks is powder-coated to resist scratching and corrosion.


  • No less then 48 bolts are used to secure your system to the ceiling, making it the strongest and safest ceiling mounted rack on the market.
  • Down Tube Rods - Down tube rods are the strongest and most rigid. Most products use "L" shaped channel which are not as strong, or ridged.
  • 2" Safety Lip - Platform is bolted down, and has a 2" Safety Lip around the perimeter so items can't slide off, for an added measure of safety.
  • Compatible with the ladder rack