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Kayak Wall Rack
Kayak Wall Rack Kayak Wall Rack Kayak Wall Rack

Canoe or Kayak Rack

The Kayak Storage Rack by Monkey Bars is the industry's strongest and most versatile kayak holder. One of the biggest concerns of potential or current kayak owners is knowing how to safely store their kayaks. Having a wall mounted kayak rack allows you to get your kayak up off the garage floor or away from the elements if its stored outside. This rack will hold up to two kayaks or small canoes. Regardless of the size of your kayak, this wall rack can hold it. Mount the brackets wide for a sea kayak or close together for a whitewater kayak. This garage kayak rack will hold sea, surf, whitewater, creekboat, playboat, racing, slalom, or fishing kayaks. This rack sticks out 25" from the wall, so it will also hold small canoes. If you need to store more kayaks, additional racks can be safely mounted on the same wall. Mount this rack in your garage, shed, utility room, or storage room.
This rack is made with the strongest and most durable materials. The Kayak Storage Rack is made of industrial steel, allowing it to hold up to 150 lbs. The wall mount kayak rack is powder coated for durability. Each rack comes with a lifetime warranty.
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  • Components: 2-25" Monkey Bars, 2- brackets, 4 - 3" lag screws, 4- washers.
  • Installation Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Manufacturer: Monkey Bar Storage
  • Industrial steel construction
  • Powder coated to provide many years of use
  • Kayak Storage Rack has a soapstone grey powder coat finish
  • Unique color will hide dust and maintain its original appearance