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Shed Rack
Shed Rack Mount Shed Rack Side View Shed Rack With Hooks

Shed Rack

Our Shed Rack is the only rack with the flexibility to conform for any home owner.
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The Shed Rack is great for small areas like sheds, shops, and pantries. This simple bracket allows you to store unused tools behind more frequently used tools. For example, you can store your snow shovel behind your garden tools during the summer. As the season change, you can adjust your shed rack to what ever it is you use during that season.


  • 51" Monkey Bar
  • 2 Shed Brackets
  • Powder Coated Finish on all products


Shed Rack Brackets are installed using a 2" wood screw into the center of each stud roughly 48" apart. Installation can be done in just 15 Min. All components are industrial steel and are built to last.