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Saddle Rack
Saddle Rack Saddle Rack

Saddle Rack

The best saddle rack for any barn, tack room or trailer.
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The Saddle Rack can be simply installed by sliding the base of the rack onto a Monkey Bar. It can be placed under a shelf or any location a Monkey Bar is used. Using two drop down braces, four Monkey Bars and a selection of hooks, up to eight saddles along with ropes, harnesses, lariats and other tack gear can hang up. The Saddle Racks are great for tack rooms in trailers, barns or other storage locations.


  • The Saddle Rack is rated at 60 lbs.
  • The framework is made with powder coated.
  • Industrial Steel Frame
  • Saddle Rack is 22" long x 10" wide x 5" deep.
  • Adjustable Saddle Rack.


The Saddle Rack is installed in just 1 minute. Saddle Rack is placed on Monkey Bar and slid into any position you desire. The Monkey Bar system allows you to store 8 saddles in a 4 ft x 4 ft space. No other Saddle Rack allows for the versatility and flexibility like the Monkey Bar Saddle Rack.


Monkey Bar systems are backed by a lifetime warranty.