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Kayak Rack
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Board Rack

Store kayaks, canoes, surf boards, wake boards, plain plywood and more with the Monkey Bars Board Rack.
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The Monkey Bars Board Rack is used for storing kayaks, canoes, surf boards, wake boards and plain plywood horizontally. The rack is made with brackets that allow monkey bars to clip in and out for convenience. This allows for custom bar lengths. 35” bars are seen in these photos and are most popular. The Board Rack is versatile enough to store 2 kayaks horizontally on their sides.


  • Dimensions - the rack is 1.5" wide 4" long and the tubing is custom to any size (recommend no longer than 35")
  • Install Board Rack Brackets on studs 4 feet apart
  • Weight capacity - 75lbs on each Board Rack or 150lbs for a pair
  • Comes with 2 Board Rack brackets
  • Comes with 4 - 2" wood screws


Monkey Bar systems are backed by a lifetime warranty.