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5" Double Wide Hook
Jack Hook Shovels

5" Wide Hook

Made for the power tools. Sturdy steel that is powder coated and encased in rubber for the best fit. Snap it onto the Monkey Bar and slide to where you want it.
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The 5" Wide Hook is the largest and among the strongest of the Monkey Bar hook


  • Chain Saws
  • Power tools
  • Hedgers
  • Weed Whackers
The 5" Wide Hook is used to hang like yard tool items, such as four shovels, four brooms. The width and size of the hook allows multiple large handled items to hang, such as picks or axes. For the fisherman, this hook is large enough to hold outboard trolling motors.


  • Rated at 80 lbs.
  • Powder-coated steel with a plastic dip coating.
  • The back of the hook has three bends, so they “wrap around” the Monkey Bar.