About the Monkey Bars Storage System

The Monkey Bars Garage Storage System is the most versatile garage organization system on the market today. The system allows you to utilize your entire wall space for storage, and get everything off the floor.

The system holds more than 1000 lbs. for every four feet of shelving. This is more than any other system on the market. One of the greatest aspects of the system is the sheer quality of the mateials. Monkey Bars is so committed to this, that they offer a Lifetime Warranty on all their products.

The shelves are made of 3/4" melamine, which make them easy to keep clean. All Monkey Bar products are powder coated, which not only adds extra life to the system, but also eliminates the cold metallic look of many other garage storage products.

The shelving system has been installed in pantries, food storage rooms, basements, sheds, commercial warehouses, show rooms, retail stores, airplane hangers, cabins, shops, and, of course, the garage.

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